Why PrintToPress is Better

Posted on 12. Jul, 2011 by in Print On demand

We have the lowest market prices with no hidden fees and no contracts. Our great low price comes with a no minimum order policy. You have no restrictions at PrintToPress. You manage and control the all the steps in the publishing of your book. From upload to print we only charge for the published order of your book! You can buy as few as one book at a lower per book price than any other self publishing company. This can be clearly seen as we compare the prices between ourselves and other book printing companies. Lulu a leading self publishing company when compared to us at PrintToPress was significantly higher in price. The price comparison showed that It was always more expensive at Lulu regardless of bulk purchasing. For a standard, paperback, black and white, 6” x 9” perfect bound, 100 page book from Lulu is $6.50. Where as for the same book is $3.08 if printed by us. Even at the pro-rated price when buying in bulk from Lulu at a quantity of 1200 books you reach the lowest price in which they will print your books regardless of bulk purchasing of $3.90 a book. Similar can be said when comparing our prices to 48 Hour Books. At 48 hour books there is a minimum order of 10 books. At this minimum order for the the same paperback, black and white 6” x 9” perfect bound, 100 page book it is $16.48. It takes an order of 500 books or more before you can purchase books that are less expensive than those printed for you here at PrintToPress.

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