Size really does NOT matter.

The most innovative aspect in Print On Demand, aside from the low printing price and ease of use must be the Print Any Size feature.

And we mean what we say when we say, ANY SIZE.

While other POD services print in a variety of sizes, they are restricted to a list from what you must select. And once you have selected a size, the PDF you upload must be exact or your upload will be rejected.

We asked ourselves why not print any size?

And since we could not come up with a reasonable answer except “a technological barrier”, we set out to change it, and we did.

When you upload the PDF, as long as it’s a 3.5″x 5″ or larger all the way to 8.5″ x 11″ we will print it. That gives you millions of options for a book size, we take it and print your book at the size you uploaded. If you upload a 4.39″ x  10.78″, that’s what you will get.