After you upload your document Print To Press  will automatically create a generic galley cover for you, using the PDF file name as the book title and your Print To Press user name as the author name.

You can either use the cover as is or edit the following items by clicking on the Edit Cover button on your document page:

  • book title (on front cover and spine)
  • author name (on front cover and spine)
  • book blurb (Book description on back cover)
  • author bio (on back cover)
  • author image (on back cover)
  • ISBN/price bar-code (on back cover, optional)
  • front cover image (enter cover or small image)
  • cover color / image
  • different layout options on back, spine, and front

If you wish to have a cover designed, or already have a cover designed, you can use it instead of the options above. We provide a link to download a template that you can give to a Graphic Designer. You need to use the template to make sure you have the spine calculated correctly.